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Cathie Harrop L.R.S.M.  L.T.C.L.


Cathie has trained and developed young voices for many years, enabling her students to gain the confidence to sing in front of an audience as well learn technique and interpretation of songs to a level that has enabled them to take international exams. Many of her students have progressed through the grades and then achieved their letters with Trinity College or Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

She has also coached many singers to gain credits in NCEA performance standards at a number of schools.

She helps many mature singers on a short term basis helping them to achieve their own personal vocal goals e.g. auditions, specific performances or coaching in a particular vocal skill. (back to top)

Cathie teaches the harp to a wide variety of students. Young people who love the idea of playing such a romantic instrument to mature students for whom the harp has always been on the bucket list.

The younger students usually have the challenge of progressing through exams set by Trinity College and Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Once a student has developed Cathie goes out of her way to find performance opportunities where they can show their capabilities and develop as a musician. Some of her students play in orchestras, play background music for public events and work professionally at venues round Auckland.(back to top)


Sometimes a music student has their performance skills and flexibility held back by lack of knowledge of musical theory. Also some international exams require a certain proficiency in theory before a student is allowed to progress to higher performance grades.

Cathie teaches her own harp and singing students music theory to progress them through the appropriate grades for their level. Her success at this has lead to other teachers referring their students to her for theory lessons to get the performers to grade 5.

Cathie gets a lot of pleasure teaching theory to a receptive mind; so much so that some students stay way past their original aim and go on to achieve Grade 8 Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. (back to top)


Contact - Ph 09 479 2361 Mob 021 116 8428 or email below

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